Blue, turquoise, and tons of texture  

This fetching vintage and bold FLAVIA MONTELUPO vase is circa 1970s. It was made in Rimini Blu color combination of blue and turquoise glazes in Italy. This  glazed pottery vase is decorated with the impressed repeating pattern that is typical of Flavia.

These ceramic Art Vases were the rage in the 1970s as was so many other art pottery peices. Most of the time, these vases were used as room accents with nothing inside to highlight their unique shape and form. 

While bold and bright, this vase is a size that is perfect for use as an accent item alone or with an arrangement. 

Flavia vases are  are not mass-produced. Wheel thrown, hand made, hand decorated pottery is always individualistic and imperfect, the very factors that make Bitossi desirable and collectible.  

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